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It’s Time to Fly!  Sono molti i progetti ambiziosi che le Aquile Ferrara mettono in campo in vista della stagione 2016.

Our Story

The Aquile (Eagles) Ferrara are one of the oldest American football team in Italy and certainly the one with the longest tradition. The club includes youth programs, cheerleaders, a senior level group and a female tackle team. The majority of the teams in Italy do not have facilities and a stadium.  Practices and home games are hosted in soccer fields, but few months ago, after more than 35 years of battles, finally the Aquile obtained  their own football field ! Thanks to the efforts and support of our fans, players and coaches,  we were able to renovate the locker rooms, to build a small gym and install two side sections of the stands, but now we need your help to complete central sector.

What We Need & What You Get

Your contribution will be used to dismiss the old and unsafe concrete grandstand and built a new one. To do so we need to raise 20,000 USD. The more funding we receive,  the more higher, nicer and modern the new stand will be ! As a reward you will get an unique perk !

Your contribution will help current and future generations to play in a safe and modern environment. The Mike Wyatt Field, is more than a stadium, it is a home, where players, parents and fan can gather together. A place thought just for football, american football.

We have chosen a flexible funding with the hope that brick by brick we will be able to reach our goal. Our enthusiasm is for free and it is the best foundation for the new stands. We are determined to reach our goal no matter how long it will take. The Aquile is a non-profit organization, the money we will receive will be spent in this project.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can’t contribute, help us to spread our campaign. Make some noise amongst your community, tell friends and relatives. Follow the campaign on Indiegogo, on our Facebook page and on Twitter. Grazie mille!


Aquile CrowdFunding” è l’iniziativa con cui tutti coloro che hanno a cuore la squadra (tifosi e amici, ma anche aziende e istituzioni) possono partecipare concretamente a far volare in alto le nostre amate Aquile.

Contribuisci anche tu alla raccolta fondi. Segui questo link per accedere alla piattaforma IndieGoGo e dare il tuo contributo.

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